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How to effectively report competitor spam

For example, “black hat” methods that relate to PageRank passing link building are not only most common, they also tend to be most likely to trigger an in-depth investigation resulting in Google taking visible action. Large, content-lean competitor websites may also be prone to violating Google content guidelines by artificially inflating their on-page signals. An example of this might be adding keyword-rich, low-quality content landing pages on a large scale. This is why looking for auto-generated, thin content and/or doorway pages is recommended. Lastly, the application of false or deceptive structured data which leads to increased Google search results real estate and better click-through-rates (CTRs) due to compelling rich snippets with overwhelmingly positive ratings and reviews are relatively easy to identify.  Since Google considers this highly important, they are more likely to take structured data spam more seriously. Consistent, high review ratings are often a deceptive structured data lead that can be reported. Building a compelling spam report argument requires resources. Hence managing expectations, your own and those within the organization, with respect to the possible outcome of submitting a spam report, is important. A competitor spam report is not an SEO magic bullet, even if it works exactly as expected. Chances are if the violation is confirmed and a manual spam action is applied, this will be only a temporary setback to the affected site. Every penalized site gets another chance to get back in Google’s good graces and apply for reconsideration at any point in time. Once the violation has been addressed and fixed, Google may remove any manual action applied. Depending on the technique used that resulted in the penalty, the affected website may or may not recover to previously enjoyed search engine result page (SERP) visibility, even after successful reinclusion by Google. Organic search visibility is in a constant state of flux and depends on a great many factors, some of which can not be influenced. Even if the offending site drops in Google search considerably, a penalty will eventually time out.

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